Herrmann announces Karim Nehdi will be succeeding Ann Herrmann-Nehdi as CEO of Herrmann

Herrmann Announces New CEO, Chief Thought Leader

It’s an exciting moment in Herrmann history.

We’re pleased to announce that Karim Nehdi, former Group Head of Innovation & New Ventures, will be succeeding Ann Herrmann-Nehdi as CEO of Herrmann.

Karim’s new role officially makes Herrmann a third-generation family business, but this leadership transition isn’t just about the next generation of the Herrmann family — it’s about the next generation of Herrmann as an organization, and the innovative tools, technology, and thinking we will be unveiling in the next few years.

“The role of CEO is a privilege and a responsibility that I take very seriously,” says Mr. Nehdi. “This company is literally and figuratively my family, and for me, there’s nothing more motivating than taking care of family.”

Since Ned Herrmann had the first insights that would later become Whole Brain® Thinking, the concept has gone through many transformations — from a paper and pencil assessment to an online platform, from an internal tool at General Electric to a worldwide phenomenon, from humble beginnings to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Karim will be taking the reins as Herrmann focuses increased energy and resources on exploring these new possibilities. His goals for the next five years include launching new neuroscientific and psychometric research efforts, continuing to build tools that leverage new technologies like artificial intelligence, and creating new applications of Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI so that even more people can transform the way they think about thinking.

Of course, all of this innovation will be balanced by Herrmann’s continuing dedication to business excellence. Working from the solid foundation of great products, great customer service, and great people, Karim and the rest of the Herrmann team are prepared to face the future with open eyes and open arms.

For Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, this is far from an announcement of retirement. Ann will be putting more than two decades of experience communicating the benefits and applications of Whole Brain® Thinking to good use in her new roles as Chief Thought Leader & Chair of the Board. In these new positions, Ann will be focusing on spending time with Herrmann customers, creating new and exciting content centered around Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI, and developing more accessible ways for Thinkers to take what they learn from Herrmann and put it into action.

We at Herrmann couldn’t be more excited for what the future has in store. Through big transitions and small achievements, we’re getting closer every day to achieving our mission of creating better thinking for a better world.

Whole Brain® Recap

What: Herrmann is announcing a global leadership transition

Why: Herrmann is charging into the future with new goals and new strategies for expanding the impact of Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI.

Who: Karim Nehdi will be taking the reins as CEO, while Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will be transitioning into the new roles of Chief Thought Leader & Chair of the Board.

How/When: This change was effective Q1 2018, and is the first of many to come in the next few months, so stay tuned!

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