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Whole Brain® Thinking for you, your team,
and your organization — anywhere, anytime.

The Herrmann Platform delivers a Whole Brain® Thinking experience that provides your organization with the tools and resources to understand yourself and others, gain valuable information on how to collaborate better, and apply the learned lessons. 

The simple, effective Whole Brain® Thinking model is a powerful framework. It provides a common language across the broadest application areas — communication, team collaboration, decision-making, strategy, innovation, customer insights, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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The HBDI® Assessment

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) assessment is supported by over 40 years of brain-based research and scientific validation. The HBDI® can help you understand your thinking preferences that shape your personality and behavior. This knowledge is crucial to improving effectiveness and engagement in individuals, teams, and organizations. Our tools don't limit you to a specific category. Rather, they focus on understanding and utilizing your cognitive diversity while enhancing your thinking agility so you can adapt to fast-paced changes.

Unlike “one-and-done” options, our integrated suite of sticky, digital apps and blended learning products provides an ongoing journey that reinforces learning and creates more significant ROI for individuals, teams, and entire organizations.



Self-Paced Whole Brain® Thinking Journey

Learn about Whole Brain® Thinking on your own time and when it’s convenient for you. The Whole Brain® Thinking journey is the first step in understanding and applying Whole Brain® Thinking to your everyday work life. Start benefiting on day one from your key findings.  


By sharing and comparing HBDI® profiles within the Herrmann Platform, you learn about your colleagues’ profiles and gain insights that lead to better collaboration. Find areas of commonality and differences. Improve transparency between team members by sharing profile insights for better communication and trust-building. 


By evaluating profiles within your team, you can gain a valuable understanding of how your team operates best and where there may be blindspots in thinking preferences. When managers and teams view their team’s HBDI® profiles and apply the knowledge of Whole Brain® Thinking, they can solve collaboration challenges more effectively. 

Organizational Analytics and Reports

Get an overview of your organization’s thinking preferences over time, as well as an analysis of the top preference codes in your organization. Reports are also available that focus on individuals, pairs, and teams. 

Team Effectiveness Dashboard

The team effectiveness dashboard is a complementary tool to the HBDI® team report. The dashboard empowers each team member to share their perspective on the team’s performance and how it might perform in an ideal state.

Analytics Review

An analytics review is provided quarterly or monthly for Professional and above packages, along with your personal client services manager.

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Team Accelerator Toolkit

The team accelerator tools enable teams to become high-performing by developing essential team effectiveness skills using Whole Brain® Thinking while in the flow of work. Through sequential and on-demand activities, our interactive tools help teams launch or relaunch with greater speed and effectiveness. The learning journey provides practical applications and increased productivity through the various activities designed as a comprehensive Whole Brain® Team experience.

  • Activate: Form Whole Brain® Teams quickly
  • Align: Build a foundation of trust in the team
  • Accelerate: Drive ongoing performance improvement for key team processes
  • Adapt: Build resilience in the face of change

* Available with the Herrmann platform and Stop & Think for Microsoft Teams

Meetings That Work Toolkit

The Meetings That Work Toolkit utilizes the Whole Brain® Model to enhance your ability to organize, plan, and lead meetings that are highly effective.

In this toolkit, you will find models, checklists, templates, and tips to apply Whole Brain® Thinking in your meetings.

  • Design, lead, and drive participation in meetings by understanding the way you and your teammates think and process information.
  • Manage and adapt your thinking to stay focused and better engage your team in meetings.
  • Use our interactive agenda tool to create and save meeting agendas that incorporate Whole Brain® Thinking into your team discussions, fostering productive and engaging conversations that utilize the team’s cognitive diversity.

* Available with the Herrmann platform and Stop & Think for Microsoft Teams

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Herrmann Mobile App

Access your individual HBDI® profile and Whole Brain® Model on the go. This allows you to apply your personal profile and gain valuable tips on how to improve interactions with customers, colleagues, or friends.

Stop & Think

Microsoft Teams users have access to individual and team HBDI® profiles, tools, and activities that apply Whole Brain® Thinking in the flow of work. Stop & Think can be added to Teams channels, meetings, and chats. 

Learn more about the benefits of Stop & Think. 

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Practitioner Portal

Certified Practitioners have access to an online library of facilitator resources, including guides, walkarounds, case studies, and more.

Certified Practitioner in Practice (CPiP) Workshops 

Gain access to virtual CPiP workshops, where you can build your Whole Brain® Catalyst skills by learning more about Herrmann assessments, application tools, and facilitation best practices. 

Community of Practice (COP) and Communications

As a member of our global network of professionals, Certified Practitioners receive support and inspiration from other practitioners as they share their experiences with helping individuals, teams, and organizations think and work better using the Whole Brain® Thinking model. 

With access to invitation-only social media groups on LinkedIn and Slack, Certified Practitioners can share tips and get advice in a community of practice. For Scale packages and above, there are additional regular communications with your client success manager, helping you evaluate how to maximize your organization's value.


HBDI® Certification is included with Herrmann Platform Access

HBDI® Certification consists of seven online learning modules and a three-day live Whole Brain® Thinking training program. As a Certified Practitioner, you'll become trained on how to best use Whole Brain® Thinking within your organization, including the ability to deliver HBDI® debriefs with your Thinkers. These debriefs will help your team understand their individual HBDI® profiles and how to best apply all that Whole Brain® Thinking has to offer.

Get HBDI® Certified.