Benefits of Whole Brain® Thinking With Herrmann

Herrmann has helped people at the world’s best-performing organizations bring their Whole Brain® to work for more than 40 years with an evolving suite of assessment, employee engagement, and talent intelligence solutions. 

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Build Your Team’s Intelligence

Apply Whole Brain® Thinking to individuals, teams, and organizations so they work more productively and inclusively at scale — whether in person, remote, or hybrid.

  • Enable team members to improve their focus, productivity, and collaboration.
  • Achieve synergies between people, teams, and departments to maximize each person’s contributions.

  • Apply cognitive science to make better thinking your competitive advantage.
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Eliminate Blindspots

Reduce unproductive conflict and groupthink by empowering your executives, managers, and individual contributors to apply everyone’s thinking preferences. Use cognitive diversity to swiftly identify threats and compete in fast-changing environments.

  • Prepare your team to react to challenges with their Whole Brain® to make better decisions.

  • Explore how your team’s thinking shifts under pressure and create strategies to improve teamwork.

  • Use cognitive diversity to identify threats and compete in fast-changing environments swiftly.
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Harness Cognitive Diversity in the Flow of Work

Improve communication and accelerate knowledge transfer through easy-to-use integrations.

  • Get to know your team and apply Whole Brain® Thinking strategies to real workplace challenges.

  • Tap into your team’s thinking dashboard and access solutions to exercise in the flow of work.

  • Plan and lead engaging, high-impact meetings with expert tips and templates to try before, during, and after meetings.
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Gain Visibility Into How Your Teams Think and Work Best

Access insights on decision-making styles across your organization while safeguarding this information with enterprise-ready security features. Learn how to:

  • Decode your people’s differences in thinking and apply them to optimize collaboration.

  • Optimize internal team workflows to reflect diverse thinking and leverage each person’s strengths.

  • Uncover hidden talent pools within your team and the workforce to unlock widespread innovation.