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A 40 Year Journey

For 40 years, Herrmann has been at the forefront of creating transformative thinking with the Whole Brain® Model and the HBDI® assessment. As our founder Ned Herrmann once said, “The ability to think is what makes us human.” This rings as true today as it ever has in a rapidly evolving world and workplace. More and more companies are exploring the human side of doing business and equipping their teams with tools to inspire better thinking for a better world.

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This year, we at Herrmann are celebrating our 40th anniversary of helping companies apply Whole Brain® Thinking to solve complex organizational challenges like team effectiveness, communication, collaboration, problem solving, and decision-making.

No matter when you joined us on your personal Whole Brain® Journey, you’re part of the Herrmann story. Some of you may recall taking the HBDI® by hand while others are now embracing the new enhanced digital Thinker journey or accessing Whole Brain® Thinking in your everyday workflow in Microsoft Teams. However you got started, we’re so happy that you're here and part of our global community of Whole Brain® Thinkers.

From Paper to Platform

As we cheers to 40 years of Whole Brain® Thinking, we wanted to take a look back on where we’ve been in our product roadmap, celebrate where we are today, and share a vision for where we’re headed next:

Starting Point

The Whole Brain® Model was developed back before the internet became popular, and now in 2022, we’re talking about it in the metaverse! Hop in Spatial and visit our virtual/augmented reality 40th anniversary gallery to learn more about our history from our Chief Thought Leader and Board Chair, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi:

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Through the years, we’ve published many different pieces that helped to advance the concept of cognitive diversity, including:

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We’ve also developed several hands-on Whole Brain® products that you may have in your toolkit and still be using today:

Brain mat

And of course, we’ve had several turning-point moments in our 40 year product roadmap as we’ve leaned into digital. 

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Looking Ahead

As we look out on the horizon, we’re incredibly energized by new possibilities for how Herrmann can better empower managers and learning leaders to build Whole Brain® Teams and equip them with powerful tools for optimizing their cognitive diversity. Stay tuned as we continue to develop new solutions to inspire better thinking for a better world. We hope you’ll join us in our quest to create more stop-and-think moments with built-in solutions to everyday challenges at our fingertips.

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